The traditional “How do I tell him?” has plagued me as a sexologist for the better part of my career. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to inform my spouse about my sexual fantasies.

Guy’s who dress as a woman or as a man, like latex, feet, or the belly button Most of them have ever pondered whether or not they should divulge their fetish to their spouse or significant other.

Should I Disclose My Fetish To My Partner?

They tell me about the difficulty they have in starting relationships because they have fetishes, they are afraid of being found out, they are afraid they will not be understood, they are afraid their partner will leave the relationship because of it, etc.

Furthermore, people typically feel guilty if they don’t tell others about it because keeping it a secret causes them pain.

So, should it be included or excluded from the total? What’s the best way to keep track of it?

The Apprehension Of Beginning A Romantic Relationship

Fascism continues to be associated with a lot of myths, even now. They are currently called paraphilias, but in the past they were labelled sexual perversions and deviations, and they were included in diagnosis manuals as a way to label people as “ill” if they just went beyond what was considered normal.

As a result of this erotic-normative legacy, one of the most common remarks I’ve heard from these folks is that they feel like “weirdos.” Fear of being branded as freaks by others and being rejected as a result are the two biggest fears people have. As a result, it’s hard to start and maintain meaningful relationships with new people. There’s always the worry that the other person may find out about your fetish and break your heart.

As a first step in the search for love, seeing a psychologist or sexologist might help organise one’s feelings about one’s sexual fantasies. Don’t be afraid of it; accept it; don’t be ashamed of it; normalise it; and most importantly, talk to someone about it if you need to. It’s already a relief to be able to let go of that secret, which is generally carried out in silence. Thus, relating to others and pursuing the desired intimacy will always be made simpler.

The advantages of keeping a fetish count

The same answer I give to those who inquire if they should tell their partner is: that is your choice. You are the only one who can decide whether an answer is correct or incorrect; no one else can.

No one should be forced to talk about their fetishes, just as no one should be forced to talk about their sexual dreams. Counting them has consequences, yet they are something extremely personal that we can choose to share or not with another person.

Whether you do it or not has advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed by each individual.

Conversely, discussing about your obsession with your spouse can be freeing for both of you. In order to feel at ease in a relationship, you must have both of these things. However, if you inform your spouse, they may not understand (or appreciate) you as well and decide to quit the relationship as a result. Even Nevertheless, there are instances when being alone is preferable to being with someone who doesn’t value our preferences.

Not notifying them, on the other hand, puts them at risk of being discovered if the activities are done secretly, which is common. This also adds everyday stress.

This fetish must also be examined to determine how it affects the individual’s sexual life: if it is something that is really important to communicate or if it is more of a fantasy that is only enjoyed during masturbation and does not require telling anyone about it.

What’s The Best Way To Notify Your Partner You Have A Sexual Predilection?

The perfect formula does not exist for everyone. If you’re close to your spouse, you’ll know exactly how to approach her about it. However, the following suggestions should be kept in mind:

Talk about it in small doses at first to see if your partner is receptive to the idea. Make sure you don’t let it go all at once and think about the best time to say goodbye instead.

To help the other person comprehend the topic better, it provides facts, articles, and videos from a scientific and human point of view.

Fetishism is viewed as an opportunity to branch out from standard erotica and engage in new, pleasurable activities. If you can get your partner to see things from your point of view, fetish need not be a source of conflict in your relationship; instead, it can enhance your connection.

Finally, if all else fails, couples therapy is an alternative. In this process, the competent specialist will be able to assist and advise the couple, providing them with tools to help them decide whether or not to include the fetish in their sexual encounters.

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