Those who are unfamiliar with them may find them weird. However, as long as there is mutual consent and enjoyment, there should be no discrimination. There are several fetishes out there, but these are the most prevalent. See for yourself!


Podolatry is a sexual obsession with one’s feet. When a person enjoys the smell of, lick of, kiss of caressing of the feet of his/her partner, it is one of the most common behaviours. Altocalcifilia, a fetish for high heels, is another option. When someone practises foot podolatry, it’s not uncommon for them to get sexually attracted to the person they’re walking on.

The Practise Of Voyeurism

It’s a fetish where viewing sex or naked bodies makes you feel energised. Voyeurism is a form of voyeurism in which the voyeur enjoys watching or touching himself without doing nothing sexual. This fetish is fine as long as both sides are on board with it.

Displaying one’s talents or abilities for the benefit of others

The exhibitionist, as opposed to the voyeur, takes pleasure in flaunting his or her wealth. While engaged in sexual activity, masturbation, or while being viewed completely naked, it can happen. A fetish can only be legal if both parties agree to it; otherwise, it’s a criminal offence.

The Practise Of Sadomasochism

The BDSM universe includes sadomasochism. It usually involves two persons, with one acting as the dominant force and the other as the passive one. Pleasure is derived from suffering, whether it is given or received. Some BDSM partnerships clearly define who is the dominant and who is the submissive, while in others, both partners are a little of both.

Contrary to popular belief, the parties involved in BDSM relationships have a very good understanding of one another. Using a safe word ensures the submissive’s bodily and mental well-being during the performance.

In The Fifth Place, Latex

Many people enjoy looking at or wearing garments composed of glossy, tight-fitting materials such as latex, PVC, leather, vinyl, rubber, or any combination of these. People who have this desire may find pleasure in the smell of the materials themselves.

Bondage Is A Type Of Slavery.

Consensual restraint, arrest, or binding is what is meant by bondage. A wide variety of tools can be employed to restrain a person. Shibari, a Japanese style of tying ropes, is used in bondage. Sensory, sexual, or purely artistic motives can all be used in bondage.

Subjugation And Dominance Are Two Different Concepts.

As part of the behavioural diagnostic spectrum, this term describes those who take pleasure in dominating or being dominated. “Top” and “bottom” are terms used in the BDSM realm to describe dominators and submissives, respectively. “Switch” refers to people who are both dominators and submissives. Sexual action isn’t the only place where dominance and submission occur. Everything hinges on the agreement reached between the two parties.

Play With Your Pet

During a pet play, at least one of the participants acts like an animal in some way. Props like ears, clothing, collars, and tail-shaped plugs can all be used. For the most part, animal persona development extends beyond mere naughtiness.

Dominance and submission are frequently depicted in the staging, with one party portraying the owner and the other the pet. Among the many creatures that are staged are dogs, cats, and ponies, to name a few. Even if the pet doesn’t speak, it can make noises like barking, meowing, and other similar gestures.


Being confined to a small space has its advantages. It’s possible the location is tucked away in a little room. It’s the desire to be confined that’s driving this. The term “space” can also refer to a cage or a prison.


Biting and/or being bitten is considered a fetish in several cultures. Bites are prevalent during sexual acts, but for some who have a fetish for them, it’s an even more intense experience. The pleasure of biting a particular part of the body or getting a bite might accompany the fetish.

Fetishes are fine as long as everyone involved is on board with them. As long as there is mutual consent and pleasure exchange, even the most extreme behaviours are perfectly acceptable.

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